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Viterra Inc. is a Canadian grain handling business, the nation's largest grain handler, with its historic formative roots in prairie grain-handling cooperatives, among them the iconic Saskatchewan Wheat Pool. Viterra Inc grew into a global agri-business with operations in Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and China.

A former employee said this in a review: "They were so slow and I was so bored. Many times I could go for hours with a task. Boring, no advancement opportunity, boss micromanages and is disrespectful. I do not recommend working at Viterra".


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Current Employee - General Labour says

"Crisis management, lack of planning, low morale 24/7 operations"

Current Employee - General Labour says

"corporate greed, constant management threat of layoffs"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Unwillingness to adapt to changes. Unwillingness to learn or allow new employees to learn new things. Do not like to hear new ideas. Management treats employees as lesser people and they do not follow company training or mission statements. Discrimination and harassment is a daily occurrence but expected to be just swept under the rug and for people not to speak about it."

Current Employee - Facility Assistant says

"High turnover rate. Cannot keep staff so people are left to do 2-3 staff members job. Boring and mundane. Cough up a lung due to poor facility maintenance and dust leaks. Pretty much left for dead."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There is no inspiring leadership; it's micro-managing at its finest. If you work in a support group, (IT, marketing, comms, ,etc.) be prepared to be treated with disdain. In the minds of the business groups, your area doesn't bring in money to support the org, so you have no real value."

Maintenance says

"They have changed nothing for the positive that I see on the maintenance side."

Former Employee - Maintenance Supervisor says

"to many people making decisions about facilitys that either havent been to or dont understand how a facility operates. The people in corporate change job positions so often no one is held accountable for anything at office level because whoever made decision is no longer doing that job and it no longer effects there day to day life"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"management treats you like a number."

Current Employee - Accountant says

"Earned days off (EDOs) were phased out years ago, rude and unpleasant coworkers, no effort to make a team environment or even a happy environment, managers are passive aggressive, high work turnover, no documented procedures for tasks, a general bad attitude towards the parent company, and generally it is a very emotionally damaging environment. Also, there is very little cultural diversity and very little overall diversity in the middle and upper management levels."

Former Employee - Grain Buyer says

"limited upward mobility into head office"

Terminal Operator (Current Employee) says

"Job and pay itself is great, but due to the rostering system or lack of, this job is not recommended if you want any sort of family or social life. Their is a high work-work balance.Salary, actual workno work-life balance"

Services desk (Former Employee) says

"They were so slow and I was so bored. Many times I could go for hours with a task. Boring, no advancement opportunity, boss micromanages and is disrespectful"

Greenhouse Tech II (Former Employee) says

"This is by far the worst place I have ever worked in my entire life. The company overall seems like a good place to work, but the greenhouse is full of drama. They have created a clique and want to be in control of everything. They make it extremely hard for you to show your worth and when things go wrong (even if it could be a result from casual employees or a combination of everyone) they place the blame on the new person if they don't like you. They claim to be very flexible, but there is NO flexibility once your employment begins. So unless you're willing to dedicate your ENTIRE life to this place and want to be a mule, I would suggest looking for employment elsewhere!"

Grain harvest casual (Former Employee) says

"They hired too many people turning the harvest and made two shifts and what happened, there is no work at all. Some week you work just 1-2 days, most days varies 4-6 hours but you will never know when to work or not. They trying to avoid overtime. Don´t recommend for saving money.Free accommodation, free work clothes, nice peopleSmall salary, not much work hours"

Grain Operator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day would be doing what I was told to do I learnt more skills than I already have Management wasn't too good, no communication Co-workers had no respect for each other Hardest part of my job was working with the people I worked with Most enjoyable part of my job was getting to work by myself"

Sales & Marketing (Former Employee) says

"No support from senior management.Constant changing of goalposts.Nepotism.Management not open to correction.Negative blame culture.operational staff genuinely helpfullack of support from senior management. managers passing the buck."

Harvest Casual (Current Employee) says

"Good to expend knowledge about grain industry. Superior and senior crews are very experienced and good in lecture and sharing knowledges, learned a lot from them and really good peoples to work with. Unfortunately I've had bad experience for getting unfair roster and arrangements. Was assigned to work on the most busy period by just myself in the unit which doesn't really make sense to put all the workloads and stress on top of one employee (although I have the capability to overcome it). Been doing the job perfectly but still getting less hours than other new comers crews thats still not fully confidence for the role, requested to management for at lease getting a normal work hours but the arrangement only becoming worse. The management has given a very frustrated feeling of dosent matter how good I've been work I'm just a "disposable" worker comparing to others that has more chance to work on shift due to vehicle sharing, sad to say parasitic behaviour has better advantage nowdays. Feeling frustrated everyday for working under unfair arrangements, not a workplace to gain sense of achievement."

Casual (Current Employee) says

"The company is good if you can actually manage to get a permanent position to begin with. They tend to overlook their long-term casuals for majority of the permanent positions that arise (if they even get advertised to begin with) in favor of external applicants who often have little to no industry experience. If you get employed as a casual, be financially prepared for periods of little to no work depending on which site or region you're in.Reasonable wageVery difficult to gain a permanent job if you start as a casual employee"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"After many years of giving up weekends and public holidays and starting at 2am with no recognition of the effort and time put in I decided to move on.Was close to homeThe rules kept changing"

Business Centre Manager - South East (Former Employee) says

"Disjointed communication from head officeConstant moving of the goalpostsInconsistent follow upGreat operational staffLack of support during harvest"

Facility Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Pros - Meeting lots of people, dealing with complex situations, Cons- Upper management ruled the facility, unlimited but highly encouraged overtime Great group of guys to work with, benefits are okay, overtime was only 1.5 times base Being accountable for upper management decisions was also a detrimental factor, and having to work some ridiculous hours because of these decisions."

Facility Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Viterra for a year and a half, we worked 13.3 hour days, if it was a car loading day it could be longer. I liked the job, really sucked when they went through layoffs. Also, it was not uncommon to be understaffed during carloading, which meant twice as much work for the people on top of cars.Lots of hoursNo job security"

préposé aux opérations (Former Employee) says

"Ambiance de travail employés-employeurs pas très bon Santé et sécurité aux risques et périls de l'employé Communication laissant à désirer Zéro respect de l'employeur envers les employés"

Maintenance Fitter (Former Employee) says

"Viterra was a really great job while it was owned by ABB . but after Viterra had taken over we had suffered massive budget cuts and at some stages was almost impossible to obtain maintenance money to fix machinerybrilliant work staff, reasonably good paybudget cuts substandard machinery"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"The work may be hot, tedious and difficult. However, after the first two weeks of harvest you learn to take it as it comes. You have the opportunity to work outside, to gain physical strength and also a tan. The pay may come across as slightly low for the work being undertaken, however it is more than enough to see you through the weeks.Working outside, Good sense of camaraderie, Possibility for permanent workLong hours, Hot and Dusty working conditions"

Bunker Operator (Former Employee) says

"Good Place to work at. The most enjoyable part of the work was working with everyone in a team. Most of the people will be in charge of handling income of grain, and that is done outside under the sun.Free accomodationWorking hours varies depending on harvest"

Facility Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Hard to work for unorganized and don’t know where to put you , to many staff on shift, not enough chiefs that know what your doing all time , especially the marketing manger telling you what to do and he’s not your boss . And don’t do the proper training they say it takes a week and half and the assistant manger comes in and pushes you to get done faster . And don’t get breaks when loading rail cars . And they say you get a hot meal when loading cars you don’t , and I worked with a guy that was there for 16 years and still was a facility assistant and hasn’t gone for training for grading grain , and they tell you that you can move up the ladder went in turn is a bunch of bs ."

Maintenance Tech (Current Employee) says

"constantly missing parts or tools to do jobs in a timely manner. very dusty work environment. Management was very disorganised which created a frustrating environment to work in.paid lunches, great benefitsmanagement was very disorganised, lack of tools to do job properly and"

Terminal Operator (Current Employee) says

"I have been with the company for 5 years now but need a break from the long hours and lack of personal life. It's a challenging and rewarding career that I have started but I'm at a stage in my life where I need to spend some time to focus on me for a while. Hence me moving to the UK. I am going to miss my co-workers immensely, along with the security of being with the same company for so many years. Management was good considering the company being so large, but the supervisors were amazing and cared for workers individually. I felt I could always approach them about anything. I learnt a lot within this company, skills and knowledge that is definitely going to assist me in my future such as; working within a large group of people, working hard for my money, working to a deadline, that's just to name a few things.a solid income being full time, also sick leave and holiday leavelong hours, no weekends, no christmas holidays"

Payroll Manager (Current Employee) says

"I have worked for the company at the present and previously,I have a good relationship with a lot of people here. It can be a fun place to work" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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